Joining an organization involves the acquisition of a whole series of information and modus operandi necessary for alignment in terms of content and processes. Onboarding induction is the fundamental step through which the new resources of an organization learn skills, behaviors, attitudes necessary to effectively carry out their activities within an organization.

Effective Onboarding action allows new resources to align faster with the organization’s goals and thus to successfully contribute to business results.

Onboarding is a structured process that takes place on several levels in terms of inserting the new resource:

relational: it is fundamental to make sure that the expectations of both parties are not disregarded;

values: the transmission of corporate culture is equally important;

organizational: in order to guarantee the new resource an adequate insertion, the phase of transfer of information relative to the roles and the ability to make the new recruits in the condition to work autonomously is fundamental.

The technological process encourages a series of measures to protect the environment that can keep the company management system under control.

In light of these changes it is essential to acquire awareness, and skills, with respect to new professional opportunities, in ever faster development, within organizations or as freelancers.