The best way to find out if you can trust someone is to trust them. (Ernest Hemingway)

It is now known: a team in which there is no trust, it is not really a team, but only a group of individuals working together and struggling to achieve satisfactory goals. When, on the contrary, trust reigns in a group, every element that is part of it becomes more efficient and contributes decisively to the achievement of the objectives. Confidence creates a serene atmosphere, is essential to stimulate creative thinking and productivity, fosters communication within a team and facilitates the sharing of knowledge.

This is why, today, the most advanced and innovative companies feel the need to create a climate of trust within the work teams. Our Building Trust activity was created to meet this need and has three main objectives: –

identify behaviors that facilitate the building of trust relationships;

develop relationships based on trust in the world of work;

prepare to identify dysfunctional behaviors and to act on those functional to building trust.

The course includes the figure of a Consultant / Facilitator, is aimed at groups of up to 10 people per session and has an Edutainment approach: the mode of recreational-experiential learning promotes learning, thanks to the active involvement of the participants. The benefits that a Building Trust initiative brings to companies are easily identifiable: creating a serene and stimulating work environment increases business performance, with the result of having an immediate return in economic terms, competitiveness and participation in company life .