Sharing knowledge and experience is an effective and universally recognized method for solving problems.

“Collective Intelligence” is a practice in which sharing is more complete and articulated than traditional “Problem Solving” methods. In fact, having the opportunity to dialogue and exchange information with all the members of a group has extremely positive and effective consequences: it stimulates the sharing of ideas and suggestions, makes everyone aware of the results achieved, highlights the critical issues and indicates effective solutions.

Collective intelligence as an operting method is a course that draws on the principles of Design Thinking and the model of the holocracy, with the aim of analyzing and solving problems, reconstructing the processes that generated them.

Through the enhancement of human and emotional aspects, participants are invited to collaborate with a proactive and optimistic approach, and are encouraged to imagine future challenges, in order to prepare themselves to seize them. The course is modular and can be tailored to any type of company, so as to provide more punctual tools and meet the different needs.

For a company, promoting collective intelligence practices is a safe investment on tomorrow. Today the world changes at a formidable speed and every day there are different scenarios, possibilities and problems. To face change and seize the opportunities that come with it is necessary to have a holistic, enlightened and curious attitude. Because it is in the present that we must think about how to face the future.