Coding ability, Web Awareness, Cyber ​​Security & Future Readiness. These are the main themes of Digital Days, the new HRC Group format created in synergy with Hewlett Packard Enterprise.
An experience to be discovered both for digital natives, who face the world of technology and programming, and for families who have to face the parenting challenges – dictated by issues such as digital security and digital detox – to enter, in conscious way, in the universe of the technologies of the future.
The objectives? Reduce the gap between two generations to understand and have a real view of online life.
Digital Day is divided into two parallel sessions: on the one hand the children are divided into groups by age group with Code Mentors dedicated to approach the tools of the coding world in the name of fun and games. On the other hand, an informal and interactive workshop for parents to get an insight into the new generations and learn the skills needed to face a future characterized by artificial intelligence.