In the last ten years Italian women have by now exceeded their male peers both by level of education, both for the regularity of the training courses, and for the votes they get. In the population of graduates there is now a strong gender disparity that sees men at 19.9%, against 32.5% of women. Moreover, from the Italian universities, more and more women graduated in technical disciplines and less in literary and political-social subjects.

Despite this we have a completely opposite panorama in the world of work, where men encounter less difficulty in finding work, are paid more and more easily access to management.

Leadership to women aims to enhance the managerial style of women in order to increase its performance and the performance of the company in which it works.

The training activity is developed on different topics that aim at:

  • Increase awareness of their job role played by women;
    Develop cultural sensitivity so as to make the idea of ​​having a woman as a “head” natural;
    Explain the possibilities offered by digital tools to increase performance, facilitate communication, be more present and participate in processes;
    Provide women with tools that make them more aware of their characteristics, enhance their differences, help them develop leadership and communication skills; increase their networking and negotiation skills;
    The training experience is tailored and is aimed at companies that want to face the best and with the most prepared resources, the challenges of tomorrow.