WHAT IS: A unique methodology that maximizes the synergy within the open-power network of HRC.
The meeting between selected people of a company, from HR to Board to “Key People” ad hoc, and other leading companies on specific topics.
The reconditioning of suggestions emerged in new projects and the potential for building a company storytelling enrich
an exclusive and unique route

WHAT OBJECTIVES: The HRC Vision methodology can be developed in many forms but is based on simple operation.
Unleash all the potential of the HRC Network by facilitating Benchmarking meetings with other leading companies in the market.
It then facilitates moments of follow-up of the benchmark experience and then results in drill down processes that allow to bring a concrete change in the company.
Storytelling is a powerful tool that, combined with the Change Management methodology,
it can facilitate company change processes by increasing internal engagement and also improving external company communication.

WHO IS ADDRESSED TO: Vision is aimed at all those companies that have undertaken, are embarking on or want to undertake
a path of change and want to get a quality benchmark and an engagement of key people
to embrace change and become its promoters (Change Agent).

PROCESS: HRC and the company will agree the intervention drivers and the key people to be involved.
The benchmark companies will then be identified in the network. The project can have a duration of a few weeks or many months, depending on the needs of the company and in relation to the type of intervention to be carried out.