In the age of digitization, recruiting processes have also been invested by a profound transformation. The massive social activity of the millions of users who use it, has led recruiters to move their activities on these channels and therefore to redefine their skills to be in line with the required tools.

Initially, Linkedin, historically responsible for this type of activity, was the social most frequented by the candidates and therefore the main area of ​​action of the recruiter. Recruiters today know that they have to adopt a more “itinerant” approach on social networks to understand the interests of possible candidates and make them aware of their organization.

For this reason, Social Recruiting is increasingly linked to Employer Branding, a decisive process to get in touch with active candidates on social networks.

According to a 2017 Potentialpark study, 80% of applicants turn to company career pages to find information about organizations, 51% use professional social networks and 32% of other social media.

The element on which the recruiter mainly “investigate” on social networks concerns all the relational dynamics of the user, potential candidate, aware of the fact that there are aspects of the people who in an interview may not emerge, and who on the social networks may show greater ease and transparency.

People tend to act on social media in a relaxed way, sharing their ideas on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter in a more or less explicit way, supporting positions in conversations or sharing initiatives of others.

However, the social world, in terms of Social Recruiting, has some complexity. Firstly, despite the significant numbers of users registered for more than one social network, there are groups of non-active users and percentages of people not registered for skepticism or disinterest.

Secondly, it is not at all obvious that a recruiter manages to identify interesting profiles and get in touch with them because, let’s not forget, that many profiles are protected by privacy protection settings. For this reason, Employer Branding is confirmed as an instrument of undoubted effectiveness to make itself traceable by interesting talents.