The experience that widens the horizons.

Learning from the experiences of others, directly and on the spot, doing it in the best and modern companies in the world and meeting their top managers is the best you could want to be inspired, contaminated and is certainly one of the best ways to immerse yourself in a working reality, exchange professional experiences, get inspired in learning best practices, trends, tools and innovative methodologies.

The International Training Experience is a unique, exclusive and extremely engaging event reserved for all HRC Network managers.

The program consists of 4 to 7 days of activities during which the participants:

They will visit innovative and universally recognized companies as industry leaders in which they operate;
They will be involved in stimulating discussions, which will help them understand how to grow their business through stimulating solutions;
They will be “networked” with their travel mates, mentors and managers who meet during the experience;
Furthermore, various training sessions and “tailor-made” workshops will be carried out with the help of a Coach, with the aim of evaluating the topics addressed.

The experience does not end with the end of the journey, but with an interactive “Webinar” open to all participants, in order to share each one’s experience, opinions and suggestions.

The International Learning Experience is a way of living a real experience in innovative companies, encouraging cultural exchange among the participants, increasing their skills and, consequently, the value and know-how of their companies .


ILE – International Learning Experience – Silicon Valley