Training days dedicated to parents to provide their children with support in choosing the academic and professional path.

A format that allows to encourage dialogue with the Millennials, deepen the theme of the Gap Generation and examine the different parenting styles in order to improve the effectiveness of communication between parents and children.

Workshops organized with a purely pragmatic style and an informal style.

A job tutoring to help parents to orient themselves on the orientation to work, also through an experiential sharing workshop.

During the day, employees share their parenting experience and, guided by the HRC trainer, acquire the HRC Young Generation expertise on work-oriented guidance suggestions transmitted to their children, learn effective parenting styles and through role-games and laboratory experiences they compare the topics of the generation gap and of the new generations present more and more in the company.

Knowing the current mechanisms of meeting between supply and demand for work
Understanding the cycle of professionalization (from the choice of training to career paths passing through the alternation of training / work)
Understanding the decision-making process of young people
Baby Boomers vs. Millennials: the theme of the generation gap
Examining the different parenting styles: from mentor to sponsor of one’s child
Improve the quality of the relationship and the effectiveness of dialogue with one’s own children
Deepen the knowledge of colleagues through the sharing of family experiences